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Building Futures, Inc.

Building Futures, Inc.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Pictures from this Trip

Here's what the school looked like when we started. Although they're obscured by the trees on the left, there are 2 classroom that were teetering on the edge of a rather steep revine.

Here's a picture of the completed Mbaka Oromo Primary School. I never would have imagined that this school would have looked like this after 5 years. The school continues to grow, and that is why we committed to building the Secondary School. Most of the families in this area are subsistence farmers, and boarding schools are too costly. The Mbaka Oromo Secondary School gives these eager students an otherwise unavailable opportunity to further their education.

Below, Jim And William Kabis discuss the of placement remaining buildings.

It's always encouraging to see the students behaving like kids. These 4 girls were just clowning around during recess.

This was the first set of completed classrooms at the secondary school. The funds for this building came from Indian Landing School in Penfield, NY, and the F.H. Reid School in Leesburg, VA. Their school logos accompany each classroom.

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