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Building Futures, Inc.

Building Futures, Inc.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

7/2/2010 7:15pm

Just case people are worried, I'm feeling much better. Jim's been calling in checking on me periodically throughout the day. It's a good thing I didn't try to tough it out this morning. Mass was a little over 3 hours (the homily was 1 1/2), and there's no way I would have made it through.

The rain started up again, and the power's been cutting out, so I just wanted to drop a note letting you know I'm feeling better. I need to get under the mosquito net now, as this is the time when those little critters start to get active. Haven't seen my roommate yet today, although there's a lizard hanging outside my room. I can hear his sticky feet as he runs along the wall.

The other picture is a Dr. Seuss-like plant that has these bulbs growing off it's stalk. This one was about 6' tall with 4-5 of these flowering bulbs on them. Not pretty at all, but certainly interesting.

Talk to you all soon.

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The J's said...

Glad you're feeling better Daddy :)