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Building Futures, Inc.

Building Futures, Inc.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10/02/2010 3:08am

I managed to fall asleep around 11, and now I'm just waiting for Andrea to log into Skype so we can talk. What a wonderful program that is! You have no idea how valuable it is from me to be able to see my family... it's truly a luxury. The video is choppy, but I don't care. That's mainly because the air card I have is a glorified dial up minus the turkey warble - if anyone reading this doesn't know what that means, ask your parents. They just came on, so I'll be back in a bit.

I actually just finished talking with them! You probably never even knew I left. My family makes my heart leap. I'll have a smile on my face for the remainder of the day, and the conversation I had with them will be the first topic as we walk to Mbaka Oromo this morning. I love them to death. I know I'm supposed to, but they make it very easy.

We got a text message last night that they changed the School Committee meeting to Thursday at 10. Hakuna matata. Yes, that's Kiswahili. In fact, if you've seen the Lion King, you probably know 1/2 dozen words and phrases, you just don't know that you know. I'll throw some common phrases up tomorrow. Katie's just signed onto Skype, so I'll try her, then get another couple hours of sleep before jumping in the HOT shower.

Note to self:
1. If I'm not going to read over my blog before I post it, I need an editor.
2. The bed bugs in Kenya bite. They don't hurt, which is nice, but you wake up with little red dots on your skin where they'be been nibbling. Quite attractive. The mosquitoes don't care for the way I taste... the bed bugs are apparently less discerning

Here's the latest critter at the Guest House... this guy was about 5" wide, and was hanging on the drapes. Cool. My search for the dung beetle continues... "Adventure is out there!"

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