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Building Futures, Inc.

Building Futures, Inc.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

23/07/2011 9:45Eastern Kenya Time

We've made it to Maseno safely, and dry!  While I sit here typing, a heavy rain is falling outside.  It's keeping it cool which is wonderful.  We're both exhausted, and a cool breeze can only help us sleep better.  There apparently were many stories about a drought in Somalia and Kenya.  If there's one in Kenya, it's not in Western Kenya.  As we watched the clouds forming in the distance, he said, "We have had enough rain, we don't need anymore!" 

The flight from Dubai was ok... I asked to get exit rows for our flight to Nairobi - non were available.  When I asked for an upgrade to business class, the dude just laughed and handed me back my passports.  My "Silver" status doesn't afford me the perks I thought it did.  We got on the plane, and went to our seats. 29J and 29K.  We got on before everyone else, and it was discouraging to walk past empty business class and exit row seats before we got to ours.  We thought they'd fill up, but two of them apparently didn't!  A British guy comes up to me and says, "I belive you're in my seat.  I pulled out my stub, and they both said 29J.  Fortunatley I was already in the seat, but better yet, just as I pulled out the ticket, a stewardess says, "Mr Jablonski, Mr. Jablonski, would you mind moving to these seats?"  Business class, baby!  We weren't sitting next to each other, but it was much more comfortable.  The food was great - and had carpaccio with crab for an appetizer, and lamb for dinner.  Don't get me started with the desserts.  I would get up periodically to check on Kevin, and he was asleep every time.  That's a good thing.  We got off the plane and he said, "You know, I think I'm ok with economy, Dad."  That was nice of him.  The problem is, I don't think I am!  Every time a steward or stewardess walked by, all I could think of was Karen smiling on our last trip.  It was a wonderful memory.

We called Ann when we landed in Nairobi, and again from Kisumu while we ate dinner.  She's with Karen at a softball tournament in Saratoga.  I'll have to type faster so I can call them to say goodnight.  I'ts already 10:15pm.

Kevin's sleeping soundly now, and I'm ready to turn in also.  We are exhausted, and the 40 minute ride on Busia Road in absolute darkness didn't help.  We're getting picked up tomorrow at 10 and heading back into Kisumu to meet some friends and talk about the dispensary supplies that are still being itmeized.

Thunder's rolling in now, lighnings a couple seconds ahead of it, but it's still close.  Kevin just rolled over and said, "Thanks for bringing me Dad."  "Thanks for coming with me Kev."  The mosquito nets are fluttering a little, so it looks like we'll have a breeze to keep us and the rain company through the night. Tutaonana

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