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Building Futures, Inc.

Building Futures, Inc.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 18th - The Arrival

OK, I realize I've been very late in posting these, but I've been having internet problems, so I apologize for not getting these up in a timely fashion.  I'll try to play "catch-up" as fast as I can.  We leave for Masai Mara tomorrow morning at 6:45am, so don't expect much.  We had a long day... but that's a story for a later post.

We arrived in Kisumu at about 6:30on,  Job was there to greet us along with George, the man who got us the transportation.
Not surprizingly, the driver (George) showed up in a matatu rather than a van like I had requested.  Job was disappointed, but we were a captive audience with few alternatives.

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