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Building Futures, Inc.

Building Futures, Inc.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sunday, February 28.2016

We managed to get to Wilson Airport with plenty of time to spare.  Breakfast at Royale was quick - they had it ready as we were sitting down.  No, there isn't a menu to choose from, it's more like, "this is breakfast, eat it or don't."  It was good and a welcome change from the Peacock.  Granted, we were only there for 2 days, but even after that short stay, I was still ready for a change from a fried egg.  Royale had pancakes that are thin and tasty.  They're served rolled up and they're thin enough that it works.  They're really quite good, so they're probably not good for you.  After breakfast, we headed to our rooms where the consolidation of bags had begun.  I'd already finished mine, but John was still in the throws of packing.  It all worked out, though, and we headed out to the reception area to meet Onesmus, who was there promptly at 8am.  The ride to Wilson was brief - there wasn't much traffic on the road. We checked the bags with the front desk and designated the bags that were coming with us versus the bags that were staying behind in lock up.  We sat and had coffee while we waited for the plane to board.  It's a 10 seater, so quarters were rather tight.  The good news is that it's only a 40 minutes.  It's like the flight to JFK from Rochester - by the time you get up in the air, it's time to come down, and come down we did.
Isaac was waiting for us at the end of the dirt runway.  Along with him were 3 other tenants at Entumoto.  We would later learn that they're all high school friends from Sweden.  Mimi is a nurse, Elizabeth is a teacher, and Hanz is in finance. They're all in their early 60's and with the exception of Elizabeth, they all have thick accents.  Hana's voice was a deep baritone and he sounded like the villain in Lethal Weapon 2.  I have no idea what the actor's name is, but it's his voice to a T.  That's the only thing they have in common, as Hanz is a tall thin man with a full head of salt and pepper hair.  The guy form Lethal Weapon is heavyset and balding.  No matter, they were very inviting and fun. After introductions, we all hopped in and had a game drive on the way to Entumoto.  
Wow, did we see a lot of animals!  John was amazed and the variety, the sheer numbers, and the proximity to the Land Cruiser we were in.  The pictures tell it all. Of course, I still have a bad internet connection so you probably won't get the pictures until Wednesday.  The accommodations were spectacular, too.  Tents will never be the same.

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